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R & D Center

  • Rifle Factory Ishapore has been made the nodal factory for the development of 7.62x51mm Assault Rifle as per the latest requirement of Indian Army. ARDE has also been associated in this project. Accordingly, the work project is being carried out at this factory. 50 Nos. 7.62x51mm Assault Rifles with RFI design have already been assembled and test fired at RFI range with very much satisfactory result. As decided during 6th PMT meeting, 30 Nos. more Rifles to be manufactured afresh. These rifles are now under manufacturing. Simultaneously, components are also under manufacturing with ARDE Design.
  • Rifle Factory Ishapore successfully developed 5.56mm Assault Rifle/INSAS 1C. The Rifle has been appreciated by various Army as well as MHA units. RFI is now receiving orders for this weapon from various agencies under MHA.
  • Rifle Factory Ishapore has also developed 7.62mm Sniper Rifle. The Rifle is now under regular production as order for the same has also being received from agencies of MHA.
  • Moreover, initiatives have been taken for developing Rifles & Pistol through Transfer Of Technology (TOT) from foreign weapon manufacturers. In this process Expression Of Interest (EOI) has been floated for development of 7.62x51mm Assault Rifle, 7.62x39mm Assault Rifle, 8.6mm Sniper Rifle & 9mm Pistol. Recently, M/s IWI has carried out firing demonstration of their offered weapon of 7.62x51mm caliber as a part of foreign collaboration.
  • New IRD Project has been taken on CQB Carbine, under OFB sanction. Simultaneously manufacturing of components under progress. 02 Prototypes are almost ready.