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Year Event or Weapon Established
1901 Submission of proposal for erection of a Rifle Factory in India for mass production of Small Arms and overhaul and repairing of Machine Gun.
1903 Commencement of construction of the present factory on the site of an old Gun Powder Factory.
1904 Factory erected on 26th September, 1904.
1905 The new factory-named as 'Rifle Factory, Ishapore', commenced work.
1907 Establishment of the first Rifle- 303" Bolt Action Rifle in September, 1907.
1908 Commencement of batch production of rifles from March, 1908.
1917 Import substitution of Walnut wood (for stocks) which was earlier imported from Europe and America through Forest Research Deptt.
1918-19 The last of the first World War Years, the factory manufactured 36,037 Rifles S.M.L.E type and converted 22,636 other rifles for MK VII ammunition apart from the other outturn. The staff at that time was 102 and number of workmen of the factory 4,109 only.
1920 First step towards Indianisation of Ordnance Factories taken and scheme for training apprentices started in RFI.
Constitution of Rifle Factory Co-operative Society.
1921 Rifle Factory High School established as a primary institution.
1923 Commencement of Repair of Vickers, 303 MK 1 Machine Gun.
1925 Expansion scheme sanctioned by the Government to undertake repair of Machine Guns and manufacture of the components commonly required for such repairs.
1927 A Sturtevant Kiln Seasoning Plant installed.
1928 Opening of Ordnance Training School formally on 04-01-28.
1929 Erection of Indian Ordnance Staff Club building.
1930 Tiffin room for the Indians separately Jor Hindus and Muslims built
1932 Establishment of Canteen
1933 Manufacture of gauges and tools for production of Light Automatic Vickers Berthier Machine Gun, 303" commenced.
1935 The pioneer V B Guns were put through their acceptance endurance trials and were proved to be of the highest U K standard.
1937 Manufacture of the first 200 nos. of V B Guns completed. During the Second World War, Factory produced nearly half-a-million rifles.
1943-44 Tea and Refreshment branches added with the RFI Canteen.
1953 Manufacture of 12 bore DBBL & SBBL Shot Guns commenced.
1956 .315" Sporting Rifle established (Demand of this weapon still very high in the market.)
1960 7.62mm 1A1 Ishapore Rifle established. Rifle Factory Co-operative Society adjudged as the 'Best Consumer Co-operative' for the year 1962 and awarded 'Dr. B C Roy Memorial Shield' by the Govt. of W.B
1963 Batch production of 7.62 MM Ishapore Rifle successfully established in December.
1967 Sri K C Banerjee, General Manager, RFI honoured with 'Padmashree'
1970 .50" Ranging Gun established.
1971-72 Preliminary work taken up for the manufacture of Pistol Auto 9 MM 1 A
1979 Manufacture of new version of Launcher Rocket (84 MM Rocket Launcher) and supply commenced.
1981 Bulk manufacture of 9 mm Pistol started
1983-84 Preliminary work for the manufacture of Rifle 5.56 mm INSAS started.
1990-91 Project sanctioned for manufacture Rifle 5.56 mm INSAS. Newly developed rifle 5.56mm INSAS was handed over to the representative of lndian Army by the Chairman, Ordnance Factory Board at a ceremonial function on 4.1.1991.
1994 Bulk production of rifle 5.56 mm INSAS commenced. First consignment of 5.56mm INSAS rifle handed over to Army in a function held on 4.4.1994.
1995 RFI awarded '3rd Best Productivity Award' in the Eastern Region by CII.
1995-96 Rifle Factory achieved the ISO 9002 Certification.
1997 'Technology Transfer and Assimilation Award' by the Prime Minister of India. .22" Sporting Rifle established.
2000 .22" Sporting Rifle marketing started.
2001 Rifle Factory Co-operative Society was crowned with the 'Best Co- operative Award' in West Bengal.
2002 .22" Revolver established. NABL Accreditation for Chemical Testing Laboratory as per ISO/IEC 17025. Upgradation of QMS to ISIISO 9001 : 2000
2003 .22" Ashtabhedi Revolver established.Won National Safety Awards
2004 CENTENARY CELEBRATION. Establishment of 5.56 mm EXCALIBUR Rifle
2007 Establishment of 30-06 SPORTING Rifle
2008 Establishment of .223 Sporting Rifle
2011 Establishment of 12 Bore Pump Action Gun & Prototype Development of 0.177" Air Pistol
2013 Establishment of Tear Gas Gun
Establishment of Anti Riot Gun
2014 Establishment of 12 Bore Pump Action Shot Gun (NPB)
Establishment of .32" Pistol
Establishment of 7.62mm GHAATAK
2015 Establishment of 7.62mm Snipper Rifle
Establishment of .22"Revolver (NIDAR)
2016 Establishment of 5.56mm ASSAULT Rifle
2017 Establishment of .32"PISTOL (Modified)