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Assault Fixed Butt

5.56 mm INSAS Rifle (Foldable Butt)

  • It resembles 5.56 mm Assault Rifle Fixed Butt in all other features except that the Fixed Butt is replaced with a foldable type of Butt to shorten the overall length and it does not include automatic mode of firing.
  • It is most suitable for combat from ICV and in Para Troopers role.

Calibre 5.56mm
Length in folded condition

750 mm

Weight of weapon Without magazine :: 4.25 kgs.
With full magazine :: 4.6 kgs.
Recoil Energy 4.43 Joules

Barrel Chrome plated
PNS/Daylight Telescope Provided
Range 400 m
Mode of Firing Single shot, three round burst. Gas operated.