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5.56 INSAS Fixed Butt

Rifle 5.56 mm INSAS (Fixed Butt)

  • Accurate lightweight rifle, compact and handy, suitable for terrestrial and maritime assignments.
  • Gas-operated rifle can fire in single shot and three round burst (TRB) for conservation of ammunition. A simple action of lever change allows selection of single shot, TRB and safe position.
  • Additional mechanical safety is provided by means of safety sear and built-in delay in breech mechanism.
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle, chrome-plated barrel and chrome-plated pin firing ensures maintenance free long life.
  • Compatible with NATO standard ammunition 5.56 x 45 mm SS 109, M 193.
  • Quick mounting of Passive Night Sight/ Daylight Telescope.
  • Stock, Pistol Grip and Hand Guard made of impact resistant plastic in leaf brown colour.
  • Magazines are made of transparent UV stabilised polycarbonate Resin.
  • Multipurpose bayonet functions as Saw, Wire cutter, Bottle opener, Knife, Screw driver, Hammer and Dagger.
  • Eliminator Flash is designed to adopt Blank firing attachment.
  • Block gas and grenade sight provided for firing multimode grenade and M-36 grenade.

Calibre (mm) 5.56
Muzzle Velocity (m/s)


Length of Rifle (mm)


Without Bayonet :: 960
With Bayonet :: 1110
Weight of Rifle (Kg) Without Magazine & Bayonet

Effective Range (m) 400

Range for Grenade (m)
Multi Mode
M 36

Magazine Capacity (Rounds) 20
Cyclic Rate (Rounds/min) 600 to 650
Trigger Pull (Kg) 2.10 to 4.00
Recoil Enegry (Joules) 4.43
Barrel Groove 6 grooves R.H1 in 200 mm.
Sight Fore sight : Post Type;      Rear sight : Aperture type
Type of fire Single, 3 Round Burst