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Sarath BMP-II


is the best infantry combact vehicles in the world with modern weapon systems.It is ideal for fighting battles with speed, surprise and deadly precision.

Mobility : Powered by 300 HP Engine, it is a highly mobile to meet all tactical requirementsf of mobility in a battlefield, travels at an incredible 65 KMPH, with easy steering ability in cross country terrain.

SARATH BMP-II is a truly amphibian vehicle which can travel at 7 KMPH on water and can over-come slopes upto 35 degree and can cross obstacles of 0.7 M.It can be easily transported by air due to its low weight.

Protection : It is protected with armoured plates all around there by ensuring a high degree of protection to the combatants.It offres a chameleon like camouflage with the help of smoke grenades creating a smoke screen.

Fire Power : Equipped with a rapid fire 7.62 MM medium coaxial machine gun, a 30 MM cannon and a second generation homing type anti tank guided missile, the SARATH BMP-II can neutralise all kinds of land based and low flying military objects.

Night Vision : Provided with sharp night vision devices and a low silhoutte, SARATH BMP-II is a dream come true for an infantry Man in the battle field.