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Armoured Ambulance

ARMOURED AMBULANCE Tracked Vehicle (AATV) is a fully tracked , highly mobile combat vehicle designed to provide immediate medical attention to injured battle field causalities with armour and MBC protection. The purpose of the vehicle is for immediate evacuation of causalities from the battle field to the nearest hospital with adequate first aid medical facilities.

The vehicle can cross the water obstacles afloat using the track assembly for the purpose. The vehicle can also be used for air landing. It has got provision for:

  1. Four Stretcher patients or two stretcher & four sitting patients (or) eight sitting patients.
  2. Two medical attendants.
  3. Blood & saline transfusion.
  4. Blood & Oxygen administration.
  5. Blood & Storage of Thomas splints & crammers (conventional and inflatable), Kidney tray, Urine bottle, Bed pan, Oxygen cylinders, Saline bottles, Medicines