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New Cartridge Case (NCC)
Heading Press (TONS 4000 ZDAS)
Used for making Base, Flange & Primer Boss of 130 mm Cartg. Cases.
Pressure for I & II heading 175 kg / cm2 max
Pressure for Final Heading 200 Kg / cm2 max
Pressure by Hydraulic Oil
Heading operation is done in 3 stations
2 Top tools work in linear movement.
4 Axis CNC Machine (Features)
CNC Head Turning machine is basically designed for making operations like straight & taper turning, boring contouring with linear & circular interpolation, internal threading etc. as per given programme.
12 Cutting stations & 4 axis.
Spindle speed 0 - 1500 RPM
Finish Products
130 mm Cartg. Case
105 mm Cartg. Case
RW-244 Cartg. Case
RW-242 Cartg. Case