आयुध निर्माणी अम्बरनाथ
Ordnance Factory Ambarnath
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Ordnance Factory Ambarnath (OFA)

         Hearty Welcome to Ordnance Factory Ambarnath. An established manufacturer with competence in defence production. Ordnance Factory Ambarnath (OFA) is one of the glittering stars among the galaxy of Ordnance Factories, operating under Ordnance Factory Board, Ministry of Defence. OFA was set up with core competence in the field of Non-Ferrous Metallurgical production and later on High Strength Aluminium Alloy Extruded products were added.


       The Factory was established during the World War II period. Construction commenced during 1942 and Production during 1944. OFA is an important unit under M&C Division of OFB, providing a unique combination of Metallurgical and Engineering facilities to meet up a variety of derived demands of various Ammunition group of factories.


       All workmen, Staff and Officers are constantly endeavoring to achieve excellence in every area of the Factory and Estate. Factory has already created new records in production and overall development of the manufacturing processes .TPM and 5S is gradually strengthened to improve internal cleanliness and housekeeping. Factory is really geared up for Industry 4.0. Ordnance Factory Ambarnath is ready to accept any challenge in production of existing products and in development of new products. There are number of landmarks attributed to the Ordnance Factory Ambarnath and we feel Proud of being associated with Ordnance Factory Ambarnath.

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