आयुध निदेशालय (समन्वय एवं सेवाएं)
Directorate of Ordnance (Coordination and Services)
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The Vigilance Department of DoO(C&S) is headed by a Chief Vigilance Officer (Officer on deputation from Central government deputed by the CVC). The Officer acts as an advisor to the DGO(C&S) in all matters pertaining to vigilance. He also provides a link between this organisation and the Central Vigilance Commission on one hand and this organisation and the Central Bureau of lnvestigation on the other.

Vigilance functions to be performed by the CVO are of wide sweep and include:

  1. Investigating or causing an investigation to be made into verifiable allegations reported to CVO through Complaints received from various sources.
  2. Processing investigation reports for further consideration of the disciplinary authority concerned.
  3.  Referring the matters to the CVC (through MoD) for advice wherever necessary.
  4. Examining audit, inspection and other reports from the point of vigilance angle etc.
  5. lssue of Vigilance status / clearance in respect of various categories of officials