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Strategic Plan


India is one among the few countries who are in the field of established Army Tank Manufacturers. Considering India's size and security concern, it becomes vital to keep our Army equipped with latest combat effective lethal tank fleet fitted with missile launching capacity, to keep in pace with rapid development in Global Defence Technology.

Mission and Vision of OFB


Production of State-of-Art battlefield equipment


  • To equip the Armoured forces with modern defence battlefield equipments.
  • To continuously modernize our production facilities.
  • To train and motivate personnel.
  • To equip ourselves with technology through acquision, synergy and in-house R&D.
  • To continuously improve quality.
  • To improve operational efficiency and communications by extensive use of information technology.
  • To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • To increase customer base in Defence, non-Defence and Export market and establish global presence.

The objectives are in line with objectives of Ordnance Factory Board as external and internal.

External Objectives

  1. To meet the Production Target as fixed by OFB
  2. To provide high level of service with regard to Spares, Technical Services, fault analysis and rectification.
  3. To meet users quality standards.
  4. To produce at pre-determined cost estimates.
  5. To design and develop new products in liaison with user and DRDO.
  6. To build a cadre of professional and forward looking managers and manpower.
  7. Co-operation and co-ordination with customers and suppliers.

Internal Objectives

  1. Maximum utilization of installed capacity.
  2. Better material management for cost effective production.
  3. Short / long term bound targets.
  4. Delegation of power responsibility and accountability.
  5. Strong in-house design and development organization.
  6. To improve production planning and control system, safety standards and working conditions.
  7. Maximize indigenization.
  8. To minimize delay in cost over run in implementation of projects.