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                                       HVF was initially set up at an outlay of Rs. 16 crores for the license manufacture of  VIJAYANTA TANKs. The capacity was doubled with a total capital outlay of Rs. 27 crores. The augmentation capacity was completed in 1976-77. The important milestones in the development of HVF are as follows: 

15th Mar 1961

Decision to manufacture Armoured Fighting Vehicles

19th Apr 1961

Project Cell formed

27th Oct 1961

Artisan Training School was set up at HVF

29th Dec 1961

Laying of Foundation Stone for HVF

29th Dec 1965

First Vijayantha Tank was rolled out by Shri YB Chavan, the then Defence Minister

03rd Jul 1966

Formal Inauguration of the Factory by the then Prime Minister Late Smt.Indira Gandhi

Oct 1967

Production of 1st Armoured Recovery Vehicle

Jan 1972

Installation of 18 M 1401 H Computer in the factory

01st Aug 1980

HVF was brought under the control of Ordnance Factory Board

Oct 1980

Production of First SP 130 mm Gun

27th Jul 1982

License Agreement for Transfer of Technology for T-72M and T-72MK with USSR

Sep 1983

License agreement with Russia was concluded as Project Red Rose for Overhauling of T-72 Tanks in HVF.

05th July 1984

HVF has come under the Administrative Control of Operating Member of OFB.  The Headquarters for ‘A’ Veh is located at Avadi (AVHQ) as an extended Arm of OFB, Kolkata.

06th Apr 1987

T-72 Project Sanctioned

15th Jan 1988

Rolling out of 1st Ajeya Tank by the then Honorable Defence Minister Shri K.C.Pant

31st Aug 1988

Civil works for T-72 Project completed

22nd Mar 1992

First pre-production series of Arjun MBT rolled out of the factory

Sep 1992

Two Prototypes of VRPs produced and design accepted by Army Over-hauling of T-72 Tanks started.

15th Dec 2003

The balancing facility for conversion of T-72 (OE) into T-90 IM was sanctioned   for  manufacture of T-90 tanks [at] 100 p.a.

07th Jan 2004

The first SKD T-90 (BHISHMA) Tank rolled out of HVF by the thenHonorable Shri O.Rajagopal, Minister of State for Defence Production & Supplies.

07th Aug 2004

The first five MBT Arjun Tanks were rolled out at HVF, Avadi by the thenHonorable Defence Minister Shri. Pranab Mukherjee.

24th Aug 2009

 Rolling out of the first Indigenous T-90 tank

14th Nov 2016

Rolling out of the first BLT T-72 tank

28th Aug 2017

Rolling out of the first T-72 tank Trawl



(i) Details of Factory & Land

The area of land under the custody of Factory and it’s estate are furnished below.



Total area within Factory

282 Acres

Total area of Estate

981 Acres



Value (in Cr)



Plant & Machinery (as on 31/03/2019)