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Heavy Vehicles Factory is a Heavy Engineering Industry having core competency in the manufacture of Armoured Combat Vehicles viz. T-72 (Ajeya), T-90S (Bhishma), MBT Arjun Tanks and their variants. The Factory makes use of all the latest state-of-art heavy duty CNC machine technology to a large extent in the manufacture of tanks. Heavy Duty Forging, Heat Treatment Facilities, Quality Assurance Laboratories are some of the other infrastructures and facilities available and it is being fully utilised in the factory for tank production. Also competency exists in specialised trades like Armour Welding. Further, HVF is also equipped with facilities of overhauling of T-72 (Ajeya) Tanks and manufacturing of connected assemblies and sub-assemblies. Available Technical personnel are highly knowledged, experienced and many of them were trained by the Original Equipment Manufacture and Suppliers. By virtue of high experience and knowledge the factory is ready to accept any challenge put forward in accordance with the need of the customer. To achieve the reliability of the production, stringent quality parameters are adopted so as to establish perfection during the production of various components required for assembly of the Tanks.