ऑप्टो इलैक्ट्रोनिक्स निर्माणी, देहरादून
Opto Electronics Factory, Dehradun
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Opto Electronics Factory (OLF) established in 1988 is the most advanced Opto Electronics Instruments manufacturing unit of the Optel India Limited under the Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India, situated in lush green,hilly Dehradun valley.

    A wide range of world class Optics and Opto Electronics Instruments, Laser, Thermal based sighting systems are manufactured specifically, to meet the requirements of Military, para-Military and Security Forces.

    The design of these systems is based on State of Art Technology provided by foreign collaborators as well as indigenous research and development. These Vision instruments enable the forces to see, operate and fight in day / night and adverse climatic conditions.

    OLF is amongst a few manufacturing units in the world, which has the facilities to manufacture high precision Laser Range Finder with its Fire Control System for AFVs, right from the component level to the final instrument and its testing and integration, under one roof.

    OLF products meet the most desirable quality performance levels and latest International Quality Standards through its adherence to the Quality Management Systems laid down by the ISO and the calibration services a per NABL.

     The key elements of OLF’s success and recognition as the most advanced Opto Electronics production unit are

  • Its State of the Art Technology.
  • A highly skilled and motivated work force.
  • A clean environment up to class 100 in the manufacturing process areas.
  • Emphasis on stage to stage quality control measures.

    Continuous product improvement by ongoing interaction with the users and   Onsite technical support are the important features of OLF’s production mission. This is what has lead to OLF being recognized as one of the leading Optics and Opto Electronics Instruments manufacturing units in the world.

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