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     Ordnance Factory Dehradun popularly known as OFD, is located amongst picturesque surroundings on the foothills of the Shivalik, near the village Raipur, 5 km east of Dehradun. OFD was conceived, as a result of the decesion in 1941 to shift the Mathematical Instruments Office, 15 Wood Street, Kolkata, in order to establish a factory specialized in the production of Military Optical Instruments and was established in the year 1943, as one of the units of the Ordnance Factory Board, Kolkata working under the department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence.

     Ordnance Factory Dehradun (OFD) has been the leading supplier of a wide variety of Optical, Opto-mechenical and Passive Night Vision devices and weapon sights for infantry and artillery wings of Indian Armed Forces, Central Para Military Forces and State Police Organisations.

     OFD has grown in leaps and bounds fulfilling the long cherished aspirations of the Indian psyche to achieve excellence in optical instruments manufactured for Defence, para-military forces, sister factories etc.

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