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Metal & Steel Factory, Ishapore
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Welcome to Metal & Steel Factory, Ishapore

Metal & Steel Factory, Ishapore is the main producer of basic Ferrous and Non-Ferrous raw material for military hardware. Present day military hardware requires use of metals of high strength coupled with superior toughness. Combination of both these properties requires use of alloy steel of Super-ultra clean quality. MSF has facilities for state-of-the-art steel making in the form of Electric Arc Furnace, Ladle Furnace Vacuum Degassing & Electro Steel Re melting – ensuring production of Ultra clean steel. A high capacity PLC-Controlled 2650T Forging Press with fully integrate and double manipulators gives shape to the products like Gun Barrels & other components of Artillery and Tank Guns. A state of art CNC-Controlled Redial Forging Press of 1250T for each hammers can forge various sections and profiles with high degree of isometric mechanical properties, near-net finish and repeatability. The Factory also possesses a hot rolling mill, a high precision 2 hi / 4 hi combination cold rolling mill (setup in 2006) for making thin strips of ferrous and non-ferrous material with online x-ray and mechanical gauging system. Precision controlled heat treatment facilities impart high Mechanical Properties in the metal, making it capable of performance under conditions of high stress. Such integrated facilities for making, shaping & treating of Super-Ultra clean alloy steel-grades makes it possible to cater to any metallurgical need. Production of steel cartridge cases starting from making of deep drawing quality steel (HSLA Grade) for forming the finished products is the major strength of the factory. MSF is the leader in this field. Electric induction Brass Melting Furnaces produces high quality 60:40 with/without Pb Brass Billets/Pigs, Mn-brass etc. Quality intelligence personnel with sophisticated machinery consisting of Ultrasonography, Laboratory Chemical Testing, Computer aided Spectrographic, XRF Spectrometry, Hydrogen Gas Analyser, and 3D coordinator for precision dimensional measurement etc.


Metal & Steel Factory, Ishapore is situated in West Bengal on the Eastern Bank of River Hoogly (Ganges) at a distance of 28 KM from Kolkata and is connected by Rail and Motor-Road. Nearest Airport Terminal is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport, Dum Dum.


The factory has its origin as part of Gun & Shell Factory at Cossipore - then known as "Foundry and Shell Factory"- in the year 1872, when metallurgical operations by way of melting and rolling of Cartridge Brasses were first taken up. Subsequently in the year 1892, manufacture of steel was taken up when open-hearth steel making furnace was commissioned. With this, the first authentic production of steel was introduced in India. The Steel Rolling Mills were installed later on, in 1896. Further expansion of metallurgical activities necessitated shifting of metallurgical plants to Ishapore. Relocated to its new site at Ishapore in the Year 1905, the Factory continued to function as a part of the Gun & Shell Factory, Cossipore. In 1920 it became an independent unit in the family of Ordnance Factories and had come to be known as "Metal & Steel Factory, Ishapore (MSF)"

MSF has been the cradle of military-metallurgy in India. The facilities & expertise available in carrying out development of products and investigation of failures by the attached inspectorate led to the formation of Technical Development Establishment (Metals) in the year 1951 which was upgraded in the year 1956 to the Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL) within its premises.





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