कॉर्डाइट फैक्टरी अरुवंकडु
Cordite Factory Aruvankadu
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Cordite Factory, Aruvankadu is located in the hilly region of Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu was established in  the year 1904. The factory is well connected by road (Coimbatore which is about 85 KM) and rail (Mettupalayam- 35 KM).  CFA possessed the necessary advantages of good climatic condition suitable for propellant manufacture, own reservoir for water supply, and Madras Regimental Centre which is located about 5 KM for the security.


CFA is the pioneer in the manufacture of quality propellants for different type of Ammunitions including 105mm, 120mm, 130mm, 155mm, Propellant for naval ammunition and small arms. The latest addition of Triple Base propellant Bi modular Charges for 155mm Ammunition is great achievement of CFA.

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