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Training Calendar

1 Per Mgmt Labour Contract Management & Procedures 15-Apr-19 17-Apr-19 03 Days WBE OFILAV
2 IE & QM Lean Manufacturing, SMED & Poka-Yoke 22-Apr-19 26-Apr-19 01 Week MSM OFILAV
3 Per Mgmt Hindi Karyashala and Computer Application on Rajbhasha 22-Apr-19 26-Apr-19 01 Week RNA OFILAV
4 PROD.TECH (AV) Operational & Maintenance Aspects of Armoured Vehicles  22-Apr-19 3-May-19 02 Weeks  PP OFILAV
5 IE & QM QMS Audit as per ISO 9001:2015 6-May-19 10-May-19 01 Week MSM OFILAV
6 Per Mgmt In-Service Training for Teachers 13-May-19 31-May-19 03 Weeks RK OFILAV
7 Per Mgmt Latest on GST 13-May-19 15-May-19 03 Days RS OFILAV
8 PROD.TECH (AV) Engines of T-72, T-90, BMP & MBT -  Manufacturing & Maintenance  20-May-19 31-May-19 02 Weeks PP OFILAV
9 Per Mgmt e-admin package by NIC, Cyber Safety & Security 10-Jun-19 12-Jun-19 03 Days RS OFILAV
10 Per Mgmt Rules and Procedures to conduct enquiry under Sexual Harassasement Compliants 10-Jun-19 14-Jun-19 01 Week MSM OFT
11 IE & QM Occupational, Health & Industrial Safety 10-Jun-19 14-Jun-19 01 Week WBE OFILAV
12 Per Mgmt Reservation, Roster, Senority, DPC, Promotion 10-Jun-19 14-Jun-19 01 Week RK OFILAV
13 Per Mgmt Office Procedure and Record Management 17-Jun-19 21-Jun-19 01 Week RK OFILAV
14 Per Mgmt Health & Hygenic Conditions of Canteen staff & House keeping techniques of Guest Houses 17-Jun-19 21-Jun-19 01 Week RKCh OFILAV
15 PROD.TECH (AV) Operational & Maintenance Aspects of Armoured Vehicles 17-Jun-19 28-Jun-19 02 Weeks PP OFILAV
16 IE & QM Instllation & Maintenance of solar panel system 1-Jul-19 5-Jul-19 01 Week WBE OFILAV
17 Per Mgmt Hindi Karyashala and Computer Application on Rajbhasha 1-Jul-19 5-Jul-19 01 Week RNA OFILAV
18 IE & QM National & Internation Quality Standards and their implementation 8-Jul-19 12-Jul-19 01 Week MSM OFILAV
19 PROD.TECH (AV) Transmission Systems in 'A' Vehicles - Functional and maintenance aspects  8-Jul-19 19-Jul-19 02 WEEKS  RM OFILAV
20 Per Mgmt Direct Trainer Skills (DTS) 8-Jul-19 12-Jul-19 01 Week RK OFILAV
21 Per Mgmt Design of Training (DOT) 15-Jul-19 19-Jul-19 01 Week RK OFILAV
22 Per Mgmt Induction Course for Promotee Chargeman 15-Jul-19 9-Aug-19 04 Weeks RKCh OFILAV
23 Per Mgmt LTC, Leave, GPF Rules, Maintenance of Service Book & APAR 29-Jul-19 2-Aug-19 01 Week RS OFILAV
24 Per Mgmt E-Procurement & GeM 5-Aug-19 9-Aug-19 01 Week RS OFILAV
25 PROD.TECH (AV) Comprehensive Training on Systems incorporated in Tanks  T-72, T-90, BLT & MBT  5-Aug-19 30-Aug-19 04 WEEKS  RM & PP OFILAV
26 Per Mgmt Workshop on Right to Information Act 19-Aug-19 21-Aug-19 03 Days RKCh OFILAV
27 Per Mgmt Refresher Course for Middle Management (HOS/JWM) 19-Aug-19 23-Aug-19 01 Week MSM OFILAV
28 Per Mgmt Artificial Intelligence 26-Aug-19 28-Aug-19 03 Days RS OFILAV
29 IE & QM Product Design Quality Improvement 26-Aug-19 30-Aug-19 01 Week MSM OFILAV
30 Per Mgmt Programme for Pension & Retirement 16-Sep-19 20-Sep-19 01 Week RK OFILAV
31 PROD.TECH (AV) Gun Control System, ALG, Zeroing of Gun optical instruments, Fire control system & Navigation  system in Armoured Vehicles  16-Sep-19 27-Sep-19 02 WEEKS RM OFILAV
32 Per Mgmt Induction Course for LDC 16-Sep-19 11-Oct-19 04 Weeks RKCh OFILAV
33 IE & QM Metrology 23-Sep-19 27-Sep-19 01 Week MSM OFILAV
34 Per Mgmt Induction Course for Store Keepers 30-Sep-19 25-Oct-19 04 Weeks KP OFILAV
35 Per Mgmt Workshop on Pay Fixation Rules and Procedures 14-Oct-19 16-Oct-19 03 Days RK OFILAV
36 IE & QM Purchase of Plant and Machinery 14-Oct-19 18-Oct-19 01 Week RM OFILAV
37 IE & QM International best practices of Quality Management  14-Oct-19 18-Oct-19 01 Week MSM OFILAV
38 Per Mgmt Use of Technology in Official work 21-Oct-19 25-Oct-19 01 Week RS OFILAV
39 PROD.TECH (AV) Functional and Operational Aspects of BLT - T72  21-Oct-19 1-Nov-19 02 WEEKS PP OFILAV
40 Per Mgmt Hindi Karyashala and Computer Application on Rajbhasha for TOLIC 28-Oct-19 1-Nov-19 01 Week RNA OFILAV
41 IE & QM Disaster Management 28-Oct-19 1-Nov-19 01 Week WBE OFILAV
42 Per Mgmt Swachh Bharat, Digital India & E-Samiksha 4-Nov-19 6-Nov-19 03 Days RKCh OFILAV
43 Per Mgmt Handling of Court Case & Para-wise Comments  4-Nov-19 8-Nov-19 01 Week WBE OFILAV
44 IE & QM Current trends in Manfacturing (Industry 4.0) 11-Nov-19 15-Nov-19 01 Week MSM OFILAV
45 IE & QM Refresher Course for Fireman 11-Nov-19 13-Nov-19 03 Days WBE OFILAV
46 Per Mgmt Workshop on Noting & Drafting 18-Nov-19 20-Nov-19 03 Days RK OFILAV
47 Per Mgmt Workshop on Sexual Harassment of workplace, gender sensitivity & redressal on health issue of women at workplace 18-Nov-19 22-Nov-19 01 Week RS OFILAV
48 PROD.TECH (AV) Operational & Maintenance Aspects of Armoured Vehicles 18-Nov-19 29-Nov-19 02 Weeks RM OFILAV
49 Per Mgmt Workshop on Income Tax Rules & Procedures 25-Nov-19 27-Nov-19 03 Days RS OFILAV
50 Per Mgmt Workshop on Compassionate Appointment & Service conditions 2-Dec-19 4-Dec-19 03 Days RK OFILAV
51 IE & QM Effective Shop Floor Management 2-Dec-19 6-Dec-19 01 Week MSM OFT
52 Per Mgmt Refresher Course for LDCE Chargeman 2-Dec-19 10-Jan-20 06 Weeks RKCh OFILAV
53 Per Mgmt Workshop on Advances Pradhanmantri Awas Yogana 9-Dec-20 11-Dec-20 03 Days RKCh OFILAV
54 Per Mgmt Modern Security Procedures 9-Dec-20 13-Dec-20 01 Week WBE OFILAV
55 Per Mgmt Workshop on Medical Rules and Process of medical claims 16-Dec-19 18-Dec-19 03 Days RK OFILAV
56 PROD.TECH (AV) Defect Identification and Overhauling of Armoured Vehicles 16-Dec-19 27-Dec-19 02 WEEKS  PP OFILAV
57 Per Mgmt Workshop on CCS (Conduct)  Rules & Labour Laws 6-Jan-20 8-Jan-20 03 Days RK OFILAV
58 IE & QM Process control tools/techniques 6-Jan-20 10-Jan-20 01 WEEK MSM OFILAV
59 Per Mgmt Presonality Development, Leadership, Team Building  6-Jan-20 10-Jan-20 01 WEEK PP OFILAV
60 Per Mgmt Joint Venture, Marketing & Modernization of OFB 20-Jan-20 24-Jan-20 01 Week RKCh OFILAV
61 PROD.TECH (AV) Operational & Maintenance Aspects of Armoured Vehicles 27-Jan-20 7-Feb-20 02 Weeks  RM OFILAV
62 Per Mgmt Cash Drill Procedure and process of various claims (including public procurement) 3-Feb-20 7-Feb-20 01 Week RKCh OFILAV
63 IE & QM QFD Concepts 10-Feb-20 14-Feb-20 01 Week MSM OFILAV
64 Per Mgmt Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) 10-Feb-20 11-Feb-20 02 Days RM OFILAV
65 Per Mgmt Parliamentary Questioner 17-Feb-20 21-Feb-20 01 Week RNA OFILAV
66 Per Mgmt Refresher coruse for Steno/PA/PS 17-Feb-20 21-Feb-20 01 Week RS OFILAV
67 PROD.TECH (AV) Comprehensive Training on Systems incorporated in Tanks  T-72, T-90, BLT & MBT  24-Feb-20 20-Mar-20 04 Weeks RM & PP OFILAV
68 Per Mgmt Workshop on Pension Rules & Procedure 2-Mar-20 4-Mar-20 03 Days RK OFILAV
69 Per Mgmt Disciplinary & Vigilance Procedures 9-Mar-20 13-Mar-20 01 Week MSM OFILAV
70 Per Mgmt Computer Skills for Nursing Para Medical Staff 9-Mar-20 13-Mar-20 01 Week WBE OFILAV
71 Per Mgmt Good Governance & Supervisory skills 9-Mar-20 13-Mar-20 01 Week RS OFILAV
Additional Courses
72 Per Mgmt Induction Training Programme for Dr/JWM (Phase-I) 01-Jul-19 09-Aug-19 06 Weeks OFILAV
73 IE & QM Internal Training Programme on EMS 24-Jun-19 26-Jun-19 03 Days WBE OFILAV
74 Per Mgmt Induction Training Programme for Dr/JWM (Phase-I) 19-Aug-19 27-Sep-19 06 Weeks OFILAV
76 Per Mgmt IPR 30-Jul-19 31-Jul-19 2 Days RM CFA
77 Per Mgmt IPR 23-Oct-19 24-Oct-19 2 Days RM OFILAV