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Faculty Profile

Name & Designation


R. Murugan, JWM(SG)

Qualification: B.E.,
Areas of Interest: Material Management, Information Technology
Duties: Course Director for various Engg courses and basic computer courses
E-mail: ravimurugan95[at]gmail[dot]com

R. Karthikeyan, JWM(SG)

Qualification: M.A (Public Administration)
Areas of Interest: Administration
Duties: Course Director for Admin Courses, Administration
E-mail: kranganathan[dot]ofb[at]gov.in

M. SakthivelMurugan, JWM(SG)

Qualification: DME, AMIE
Areas of Interest: Production, Material Management, Quality
Duties: Course Director for ISO related courses
E-mail: sakthivelmurugan[dot]ofb[at]gov.in  

P. Prathap, JWM(SG)

Qualification: D.M.E
Areas of Interest: CNC Maintenance, AV Technology
Duties:Course Director for AV courses, Labour Contract Management
E-mail: prathappandipath[dot]ofb[at]gov.in 

T.H.V.V. Swamy, JWM(SG)

Qualification: D.MET.E, AMIIM, PGDM(Operations)
Areas of Interest: Production, Planning, Heat Treatment,Supply Chain Management
Duties:Course Director for Stores Procedure, Stores
E-mail: thvvswamy[dot]ofb[at]gov.in

R. Saveetha, JWM(SG)

Qualification: M. Sc (IT)
Areas of Interest: IT, Material Management
Duties: Course Director for IT courses, IT, Training Aids
E-mail: saveethar[dot]ofb[at]ofb.gov.in

Radha Krishna Ch, JWM

Qualification: DChE, AMIIChE
Areas of Interest: Explosives & Chemicals, Material Management, Computer, EMS, Quality, Production & Planning
Duties:Material Management & Hostel, Course Director for MM, Induction & Explosives course
E-mail: rchalamalasetty[dot]ofb[at]gov.in

K. Ravi, JWM

Qualification: B.E(Mech.,)
Areas of Interest: Maintenance of Plant & Machinery, Procurement, Engineering Drawing 
Duties: PD's Sect., & Hostel  
E-mail: ravik[dot]ofb[at]gov.in

AnanthaPadmanabhan, HT

Qualification: M.A., B.Ed.,
Areas of Interest: Rajbhasha, Computer Technology
Duties:Rajbhasha Implementation
E-mail: apnn2031[at]gmail[dot]com