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Shell 155MM Illg.

Brief write up about the product

Shell 155 mm illuminating ammunition BE MI A1 is designed for illumination of battle field. The illuminating shells provide good illumination over wide area during its total burning time. The illuminating shell is fired from 155 mm 39 calibre and 45 calibre guns. It Illuminates the area for minimum 90 secs.   Illumination for minimum 7.5 lakhs candela (average) is tested in static proof of candle. The shell is designed to be used with any compatible artillery time fuze , electronic / mechanical of this calibre with profile contours.


 Technical Specification

Total length (Plugged)


Total Mass

42.84 kg to 45.34 kg.

Net explosive content

2.478 kg.

Total candle burning time

90 s minimum.

Candle output

750000 Candela minimum.

(One million candela nominal.)

Delay burning time

05 to 11 s

Maximum range (at sea level)

25.58 km.

Functioning temperature

(-) 20° C to (+) 60° C

Compatible charges

Green bag, white bag, Charge 8,Charge 9

Shelf Life

15 years

  CLASS OF HAZARD (if any): Hazard Division- 1.3

 PACKING DETAILS : 12 Shells are packed in a wooden pallet ( one unit load ) painted Olive Green. Dimension and weight of unit load is as follows :-

Length × Width × Height (mm)              1128×960×562.

Weight of unit load                               600 kg (approximately.)