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Services had indicated that Night Warfare will become pre-dominant in future and as such, Production of various Pyrotechnic Ammunition items for Night Warfare had to be established in India to achieve the much needed self-sufficiency in this vital field. The facilities for manufacture of Pyrotechnic stores were created during 1927 mainly for Time Combustion Fuses and Primers at Ammunition Factory, Khadki. The scope of work and the items of production have considerably enlarged over the years involving larger explosive holdings and involvement of more number of personnel with consequent risk to human life and Government property. An expert sub-committee was constituted in 1972 to examine the various explosive production and storage buildings in the existing Ordnance Factories to ensure compliance of Safety Regulations and to reduce the risks to the minimum possible extent. The necessity for the establishment of this new factory was thus considered during the Defence Ministry Production and Supply Committee meeting held on 10th Sept 1975 and 4th May 1976 and the project was sanctioned by the Government in Jan 1977 in phases. Phase-I and Phase-I (Extension) of the Project was completed in all respect Production in Phase-I commenced in 1982-83. Phase-II of the project was completed in 1984.