फील्ड गन फैक्ट्री, कानपुर
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Field Gun Factory located on Kalpi Road (NH-2) at a distance of 10 kms. from Kanpur Central railway station on way to Jhansi is the youngest member of the Weapons, Vehicles and Equipment (WV&E) group Ordnance of factories.

In view of the importance given to ordnance production in the wake of the Indo-Pak war of 1965 and the Bangladesh Liberation war of 1971, it was seen that the load for Ordnance Factory, Kanpur was much more than its capacity. It was then decided by the Government to establish a new factory, which should be a self-contained unit for production of Field Guns. While designing the factory, the approach followed was that ordnance should be manufactured in this factory right from preparation of desired grade of steel to final assembly, proof and issue. With the advantage of a large area of land being available, the layout of Field Gun Factory was designed very scientifically. The shops were planned in one row in the order of the initial operation to the last operation.

The factory spreads over an area of 104.10 Hectares , out of which 40.49 hectares only is the yet covered area. As many as 53.61 hectares , strategically located in this industrial city is waiting to be gainfully utilized.

Production facilities in both Metallurgical and Engineering sectors exists with the latest technology available. Field Gun Factory, Kanpur synonymous with its appellation, has an unique capacity of manufacturing various types of Field Guns commensurate with country's Defence needs. The factory has a set up with all types of the latest and sophisticated production processing equipments right from melting, forging to finish machining with a built in superlative degree of excellence in quality. As part of its diversification programme, the product range of the factory has been further expanded and the factory is catering to the demands of civilian market in government and private sectors and also personal weapons. The factory believes in producing stores of highest international quality which is revealed from the fact that the factory has implemented International Quality Management System standard (ISO 9001: 2000) in all spheres of its production activities. The factory is also having a NABL accredited lab. to ensure that all the measurement devices and instruments, used in production activities are calibrated to International Standards.

Indian staff for manning the various managerial posts of the factory were specially selected from the staff of other Ordnance Factories and sent to Switzerland for training in the Oerlikon Machine Tool Works, Zurich. The Indian engineers selected were sent in batches, commencing from September 1949 and they returned after training, the periods ranging from 6 to 9 months. Initially, an Indian associate had been posted in each of the departments along with a European engineer with a view to study his work and eventually take over the department.