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Product image


Physical Characteristics :

Total length

95.30 mm


11.20 mm

Total mass

35.44 gms

Net explosive content

0.04 gms

Performance Characteristics :
The Switch is fixed to the desired object and a trip wire is attached to the clip release and tensioned until the safety pin is brought to lie midway along slots in the body. The snout connected to the charge is screwed in and the safety pin is withdrawn. Too much tension on wire jams the safety pin against ends of slots and prevents easy withdrawal.
Special Features :
This Switch is having the provision of disarming and resetting.

To ensure safety the Fuze Mine A/T 4A ND and Fuze Anti Removal are not assembled with Mine during packing. At the time of laying the mine, the adapter transit is replaced by Fuze Mine A/T 4A ND with the help of "Key Ammunition". A number of mechanical safety devices have been incorporated in the Fuze to ensure safe handling and transportation.

Quality :
The raw materials used for components are tested by independent Quality Assurance Wing. During manufacturing stage, quality surveillance, by both producer and Army’s representatives are provided. Major components are test fired and only passed proof components are taken into final assembly. The Switch is statically proved for correct functioning.

Safety :
The Switch is designed to function by a pull or jerk. Safety during storage and transport is provided by a safety split pin passing through a hole in the ball end of the striker and through two diametrically opposite slots in the switch body.

Reliability :
Due to its sound design and care during manufacture, the Switch is very reliable for use under any condition.

Shelf Life :
The shelf life of the switch is 10 years.