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Nose, percussion type with setting for instantaneous action and delay action. Fuze is armed at a distance of 150 to 400 M from the Rocket Truck. Then are three possible settings. One for instantaneous action and two for delay action. This fuze detonates the explosive charge of the warhead upon impact with the target.

On firing – Sleeve compresses under the action of inertia forces resulting from linear acceleration of the projectile and sets back into the lower most position, sliding with its straight slot over stud.

As sleeve slides with its zig zag slot over pin pressed into anchor bushing, it makes weight oscillate together with weight axle, anchor bushing and pin.

Upon sleeve set back, smaller lever turns about axle and releases larger lever. The latter turns about axle, releasing ball. The ball is forced out of the socket of slider by compressed spring.

Slider with igniting primer is pushed through the channel of central bushing towards bushing by spring.

The igniting primer is pierced by the firing pin. The flash ignites the pyrotechnic retarder of the distant arming device.

In flight – The pyrotechnic compound in bushing burns out and the flash is imparted through powder pellet to the safety powder pressed into bushing. After the safety powder burns out, lock of disc takes up the place of safety powder under the action of spring, thus releasing disc.

Plunger set back under the action of inertia forces, compressing spring and releasing disc. Spring makes disc turn about axle until it thrusts against stud. As a result, firing pin and igniting primer are lined up. Now the fuze is armed. Upon arming, the forces of inertia keep on acting on the fuze parts, but firing pin can not pierce igniting primer, since the resistance of spring is sufficiently high.

Upon impact with obstacle – diaphragm is punctured. Firing pin pierces igniting primer. The flash burns though cap, and imparts to detonating primer either.
Through the direct hole of setting sleeve or through the sloping hole of the cock and smaller delay element (with fuze set at M) or through larger delay element with fuze set at B. As detonating primer ignites, it initiates CE pellet and consequently detonates the projectile explosive.
At every stage of processing, strict quality control measures are adopted to ensure the high quality of the fuzes.
The fuze has inbuilt safety arrangement to avoid any premature functioning during transportation & ha