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1. Shelf life 20 years
2. Lot size 100 nos.
3. Packaging 4 nos. Of charge demolition will be packed in one wooden box w-123 (duly placed 2 nos. Of charge demolition in each container / liner 682)
4. Overall dimension of charge demolition Diameter 160.35 mm x 189 mm height with conical shape at top
5. Type of explosive filled

tnt, tnt/ce, ce pellet

6. Mass of empty charge 1.98 kg
7. Mass of filled charge 2.90 kg
8. Net explosive content 2.94 kg approx.
9. Total weight of charge demolition 4.93 kg
10. Penetration in concrete - 76.2 cm
mild steel - 20.32 cm
11. Means of initiation/ name of detonator to be used (i) Safety fuze method , det. No. 27 mk     1 safety fuze no. 11 mk 2 or
(ii) Electrical fuzing method det. No. 33      mk 1
12. Material used in the body of charge demolition steel to is 7099-88 gr. 'O' or 'd' or steel to is 513-86 gr. 'D' th. 0.80