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Testing Facilities

Test Facilities at Ordnance Factories

1. Test Facility
a.) The details of test facilities which can be made available to private entities for testing of materials/components/assemblies/equipment, along with details of concerned Nodal Officers and testing charges are as per the list (Annexure- A) (894.48 KB | PDF)

b.) The test charges are applicable for standard test procedures. In case of any additional tests, charges will be suitably modified depending on the job specifications.

2. General Terms & Conditions to avail the Test Facilities:     
  • The private entity interested in availing the testing facilities of OFs will have to apply as per the proforma (Annexure-B) (23.3 KB | PDF) .
  • Private entity shall submit the end use certificate and non-disclosure declaration along with the Test Facility request. For the cases where the firm approaches Government agencies for the test facilities required for in-house R&D purpose, same shall be acceptable to the Govt. agencies offering the test facility. The requirement of End User Certificate in such cases should not be insisted upon.
  • The items meant for defence applications will only be tested.
  • The estimated time required for testing will be communicated by the factory in case the available test facilities are capable of meeting the technical requirement.
  • The test(s) will be carried out as per standard procedures by Ordnance Factories personnel only.
  • The test services to private entities will be made available, only in case of spare capacity, over and above the internal needs.
  • Transportation of job (including loading / unloading) from / to Ordnance Factory’s testing premises is the responsibility of the private entity.
  • Checking of the job will be done by security staff before moving the job to/from Ordnance Factory's premises.
  • Testing charges will be communicated by the Factory in case the available test facilities are capable of meeting the technical requirement.
  • Factory will mention the Account Number & IFS Code of the concerned Bank in which the private entity will deposit Testing Charges through online mode.
  • The private entity will submit the sample for testing along with reference details of online payment of testing charges / Demand Draft (drawn in favour of GM of the respective factory).
  • Ordnance Factories will not be responsible for loss/damage to the equipment/instrument while carrying out the test(s).
  • If any damage occurs to equipment/property/personnel resulting from the testing of the job of private entity, the private entity should bear the expenses in repair/replacement of the facility. All necessary insurance coverage for the job shall be the responsibility of the private entity.