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Directorate of Ordnance (Coordination and Services)
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Quality in Ordnance Factories

Quality in Ordnance Factories

The quality of defence ammunition, equipments and systems with our Armed forces have a direct impact on national defence. Quality is a continuous process involving all stakeholders at various stages from raw material to manufacturing of final product and also after sales services.

The ultimate aim is to developing OFB as a brand with full customer satisfaction related to quality.

 “We are dedicated to meet customer's requirement, strive to achieve zero defects through continuous process improvements, to ensure healthy & safe work environment and minimize environmental pollution”.

 Goals &Objectives:

 Consistent with the quality policy, Ordnance Factory Board shall continuously strive towards achieving the following:

     - Establish and maintain a Quality Management System as per International Standard ISO 9001 (Latest version)& strive to achieve integrated Management System certification covering environmental and OHSMS in addition to Quality Management System.

     - Involvement of all personnel in achieving the objective and need based training of personnel.

     - Promote indigenization activity of imported stores.

     - Monitor, Control and improve the Quality of incoming materials, processes and products to ensure their specified quality and safety at all stages of life cycle of the product.

     - Continually improve processes through technology up-gradation to achieve optimal utilization of resources like machine, manpower, materials etc.

     - Establish and maintain customer focus throughout the organization with the ultimate aim of achieving satisfaction of all stakeholders.

     - Emphasis on in-house R&D to innovate new products.

     - Provide in-time after sale services to the full satisfaction of customer.

     - Strive to supply the products qualifying as per international acceptance practices at par with reputed foreign suppliers for similar range of products.

     - Achieve demonstrable consistency of product quality and move towards self-certification.

Milestones towards achieving the above goals shall be set by the concerned operating divisions keeping in view the technological capability of the factory and quality function requirement.