आयुध निदेशालय (समन्वय एवं सेवाएं)
Directorate of Ordnance (Coordination and Services)
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OFB in Brief


Indian Ordnance Factories is a giant industrial setup which functions under the Department of Defence Production of the Ministry of Defence. Indian Ordnance Factories, headquartered at Kolkata, is a conglomerate of 41 Factories, 9 Training Institutes, 3 Regional Marketing Centres and 4 Regional Controller of Safety.
Today OFB along with its 41 factories spread over India provide
  • a broad and versatile production base with multi-technology capabilities
  • state of the art manufacturing facilities
  • large reservoir of skilled and professionally qualified manpower and managerial personnel
  • strict adherence to  quality standard (all the units are ISO-9000 certified)
  • original as well as adaptive research & development to make need based refinement and modifications
  • project engineering capability
  • a strong base for industrial training facilities
  • ready market access due to convenient location

Geographical Spread

There are 41 Ordnance Factories geographically distributed all over the country at 24 different locations. A visual idea of how our factories and headquarters are distributed can be had from our location map.
Name of State/ Union Territory Number of factories
Maharashtra 10
Uttar Pradesh 9
Madhya Pradesh 6
Tamil Nadu 6
West Bengal 4
Uttaranchal 2
Telangana 1
Chandigarh 1
Orissa 1
Bihar 1

Our Product Range

Items produced in Ordnance Factories are highly sophisticated and complex in nature. Also the range of products is simply astonishing. Our products, as is evident from the list below, span across a wide and exhaustive range of requirements of any armed forces.


Our products must be safe in handling, reliable and perform consistently during actual operation with equal efficiency under varying and extreme conditions of climate. The plant and technologies have been so chosen as to ensure high degree of quality and reliability and is a unique blend of old and the most modern stae-of-the-art CNC technologies. The manufacturing process covers wide spectrum of engineering - Mechanical, Electrical, Metallurgical, Chemical, Textile, Leather, Optics and Electronics.
It is our endeavour to manufacture world class products without compromising with the safety aspects of products and processes. Adherence to safety standards is given highest priority and a well laid down safety norm as well as diaster management plan exists in the organisation.


The prime customers of Indian Ordnance Factories are the Indian Armed Forces. Apart from supplying armaments to the Armed Forces, Ordnance Factories also meet the requirement of other customers viz. Central Paramilitary Forces and State Police Forces in respect of Arms, Ammunition, Clothings, Bullet Proof Vehicles and Mine Protected Vehicles etc. Increase in volume of Export, as an extension to its functioning remains an important objective of Ordnance Factories.
For more details, please follow this link: Customers.

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