आयुध निदेशालय (समन्वय एवं सेवाएं)
Directorate of Ordnance (Coordination and Services)
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Make in India

System Indegenously developed/ produced

     Weapon Systems


     Armoured Vehicles


Items available for Indigenization

    Procurement projection for next 3-5 years for high value goods

Vendor development efforts

    Vendor development cell

    Vendor registration

Testing facilities available to private sector


Production of State of the Art Battle Field Equipments


  1. To Equip our Armed Forces with Modern Defence and Battle Field Equipments
  2. To Continuously Modernise our Production Facilities
  3. To Train and Motivate Personnel
  4. To equip ourselves with Technologies through Acquisition, Synergy and In-house R&D
  5. To Continuously Improve Quality
  6. To improve operational efficiency and communications by extensive use of information technology
  7. To improve highest level of customer satisfaction
  8. To increase customer base in Defence, Non-Defence and Export markets and establish Global Presence