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About Us....
Vehicle Factory, Jabalpur established in 1969 is a dedicated manufacturing unit to meet 'Transport Needs' of the Armed Forces. It is an ISO 9001-2000 certified factory. Its Laboratories are NABL certified.
Manufacturing facilities include State-of-the-Art CNC machines and SPMs for manufacturing Transmission Components, Fabricated Items, Chassis Frame & Body etc in addition to Vehicle Assembly Lines. Core Competence of VFJ is manufacture of Transmission Assemblies and Gears viz. Main Gear Boxes, Auxiliary Gear Boxes, Front Axles and Rear Axles.
VFJ has capacity to undertake fabrication work right from design & Manufacture of Press Tools to manufacture of Pressings of various shapes & sizes & their welding. It has Presses of various capacities ranging up to 1500 Tonnes.
VFJ uses SQC & SPC techniques including On-line Gauging for quality control. Its Labs are equipped with modern & sophisticated Quality Control Machines such as Lead & Profile Testing Machine and 3-Co-ordinate measuring Machine besides numerous other test equipments. VFJ has a modern Tool Room & Heat Treatment Shop. It has Seal Quench Furnace & Spectrograph.